Testimonial – Tom Catron

Testimonial – Tom Catron

What does Home Instead do?

“Home Instead in Mitchell provides compassionate and reliable home care services to help keep senior citizens safe and independent in their own home. We are deeply committed to giving senior citizens options other than having to go to an assisted living facility or nursing home”.

How did SDDC help you and your business?

“We had outgrown our old office space and by 2020 had every employee sharing an office. We found the perfect building in the perfect location, but it needed to be renovated before we could move. Thanks to SDDC, we were able to get funding to renovate everything so that it works well for our business”.

What advice would you give someone wanting to open a small business?

“Be prepared for the hard work and stress, but remember the positives that come along with owning a business. It’s easy to focus on the negative because that’s what always needs your attention, but the positives are why we do this and what makes it so rewarding”.